Feb 182018

Hotel Booking Tips, Cheaper in the same room

Most people are not looking for a cheaper hotel, but for a good hotel that is cheap. And there is a difference in that 🙂

Lets give it a try and see how many tips I can find :

  1. When you are booking on the spot, you can always say that you will try it elsewhere or look online. Most of the time they will make you a better deal.
  2. And with tip 1 in mind. If they say it is online with them cheaper, then ask if they have WiFi so you can book. Most of the time they will find it funny and give you the option to book direct.
  3. If you can avoid the weekend in a booking. Then that saves most of the time a lot.
  4. Be aware that some hotels are oriented on Business people and are most of the time cheaper in the weekend. And otherwise around. During tourist season you will see that the hotel in city are more expensive then the one in a small village.

Wilt above tips I hope you find your good cheap hotel.

Oct 232017

As many of you I use a lot of Hotels if I go on a vacation. But sometimes also when I visit friends and Family. So I just wanted to talk here in a blog about the hotels I visit. Not only the negative stories, but also the positive stories ! T

That is why I called it “IhotelBlog.com”

All will now be here on the domain name. And I will start to write on my trips a little more 🙂

Hope you like the idea !

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Oct 232017


How to find the best Hotel before booking it !

First of all you need to book a hotel room. Here are some tips to book a hotel room and to be sure that you get the best there is :

  1.  Be sure that the hotel is in a save area. Sometimes you can find a hotel real cheap, but is the hotel then still in a save area. Or do you have to walk true a area that is not so save. Then it is maybe better to spend a little more money on a hotel to have a room in a save area !
  2. What is all in the are from the hotel, and what do you need. If you like to stay in a hotel, and you always want to have a shop in the area or bars, then I would recommend to download a app similar like AroundMe (Available for android and IOS) This will help you find everything you need in your area.
  3. Be sure that the hotel when you stay there is NOT under constuction, or that there is something else going on (Road construction near hotel) when you stay in the hotel. Simple asking it before booking will help.
  4. Look online for reviews, but be aware that all reviews are moment in time, and not all reviews are always true. 
  5. The best way to find a nice hotel in a area is asking people who have actual been in that area that you know ! This can be a family member, friend, college or neighbor. Anyone that you can trust is the best option. This is even better then looking online. Because you never know the persons interest to tell you to go to a specific hotel.   

With above tips I am sure that you are having a great time during your stay in your hotel !
Have fun.